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Monday, August 15, 2005

Magic Drank!!!!

Good Morning to all…..
I just have to let you know that this weekend was ON POINT. I had a great time. First off by friend Aaron and I we were at Marshalls at 10:36 am to start shopping for clothes for the nighttime festivities. We shop in Marshalls and of course I don’t find anything, and neither does Aaron. So we decide to go shopping in Pentagon City, after going to Macy’s, Nordstrom, Aeropostale, Eddie Bauer, Up Against the Wall, Banana Republic, J.Crew, Gap, and a few more stores I forgot. I found a freakin’ t shirt…. all of that for a t shirt….great
On the bright side Aaron bought an outfit including shoes! Go Aaron! After that I persuaded Aaron to go to the gym with me, at Bally’s. There we are working out sweating and working out the arms and shoulders a little extra hard because we were going to the club that night. After all of this is said and done I head home, catch the metro, and the bus w/o more than a four minute wait in between. HOW HAPPY WAS I LOL ( the little things make me smile) Then for the next 7 or 8 hours I just pretty much b.s.’ed around nothing serious.
Around 10 pm I get a call from Aaron saying him and Steven are coming over at 11 and that we’ll be at the club at 12. I said OH HELLS NAH…(sidebar= neither one of them realized that the club closes at 5 am, and the Delta doesn’t get “hype” until 1:30) after that we compromised to leave at 1 and be there at 1:30….yea right. Fast forward, right before we leave I took another one of my boys advice to drink like two or three drinks before you go to the club so I did. But the thing is, I just started drinking like a year ago and I only drank two drinks per night like maybe once a month so my tolerance is nil. Needless to say after drinking I was sleepy in the car and in the back of my head I was like “This isn’t good, never should you be a little sleepy in the club”. So I get in the club and quickly go down stairs to the hell hole, for those of you who’ve never been or never will go to the Delta let me break it down. Upstairs for the majority of the night they play techno, downstairs they play hip-hop, dancehall and its crowded downstairs dangerously so.
Downstairs the music is on point, and its PACKED so I dance for sec see one of my prophytes, and then go stand in line to get a vodka and cranberry. I go back to the dancefloor after I get my drank (not drink) and start dancing with my crew, unfortunately Aaron was not blessed with the gifts of dance, or rhythm. But he can SANG, and he was in a marching band, I don’t get it. But I digress so of course I’m feelin’ good, feelin’ great and I go and dance by myself you know doing what I can with what I got. Then I notice that there is this brotha in a black wifebeater who is breakin it DOWN, (remember him) but of course it starts to get a little too crowded and I decide to walk around and get some air.
I then find Aaron and Steven near the bar and I ask what’s going on and Aaron, the non drinker asked for a ginger ale and they gave him a ginger ale with A LOT of vodka in a 20 ounce bottle. After Aaron argues and gets himself a real Ginger ALE, he give me this drank, which from now on will be called MAGIC!
By now you’re prolly wonderin’ why I call this devils brew magic, well after about 4 swallows of this drank I was NIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEE Not drunk, but buzzed, when the buzz came the inhibitions that usually I carry like a pledge carries burdens. I saw my boy Phil who is a grad student at HU (not the institute), and we started to dance and had a great time. We talked for a minute, then I saw this brotha who I used to remember seein’ him online, and then we started to dance for like four songs str8. FYI, I can’t sing, but I can dance like you wouldn’t believe, I’m not Omarion or Usher but I would be if I had the time money, and a choreographer just to tell ya’ll know. Now back to the story, so after we danced we talked for like a minute and then I gave him my number.
Then in five minutes I saw this one guy that I always to talk to, because I’ve seen him at church and in the gym. I already knew he was gay, but I was too inhibited to talk to him or anything. But thanks to Magic drank I was bold enough to, and granted I didn’t start off with the best line (I asked him do you go to “the Church of Unity of DC”) we talked for a minute, and he’s going to someone who I’ll make sure I’ll speak to him when I see him out again. After that or maybe before, I can’t really remember, I saw this really pretty girl, and she was dressed well, so I stepped to her too sidenote = to all my straight brothas, if I can step to a straight female and give her a compliment, then there is NO REASON why you shouldn’t do the same when you see something you like, and said “Hello, I just have to let you know that you’re the prettiest girl in here”. That seemed to brighten up her night, b/c after I said that she started to smile and dance more with that boy she came with.
The talking didn’t stop there I saw this brotha I used to talk to online and on the phone, and we just lost contact, and I stepped to him introduced myself and we had a great convo. It was pretty good, I gave him my new number and left it at that. What was funny was that he looked better in person and I told him that as well, thanks to the MAGIC drank.
After Mike, came I saw this handsome dark skin young looking guy, so I went up to him and asked him where was he from, and he said that he’s from DC, but then I asked where his people from. He said he’s parents are from Jamaica, and he was fine, young but fine like he had that whole West-Indian vibe going on, with the NICEST COLGATE smile. So I told him that he had a great smile. He was like really, no one has ever told him that, which I don’t believe but I told him regardless. Then I gave him my number, the Jamaican man.
So after that I started to hang out with Steven and Aaron, and Phil and we were just having fun, for some reason Steven and I were the only ones who were getting hyped to crunk. I guess gay men don’t want to dance to crunk. But after “knuck if you buck” they switched to GO-GO and you would have thought I was a STR8 DC head, box braids, slouch socks, and glitter tees LOL. So thanks to Magic I was just havin’ a great time.
Ok so after that I then wandered around by myself and found myself back on the dancefloor this time, next to the guy in the black tee from earlier, and again he was dancing this time I went to him and said “ Man I have to give you props, you’ve been breaking it down all night” he then said “well if I’ve been breaking it down how come this is the first time you’re saying something to me,” I was like oh okay let me find out….so we dance for 3 or 4 songs straight, and we talked he asked if I was single and of course I answered yes and asked him the same, he said he recently broke up with his bf who moved to Korea. Get this, he lives in the same city I do, which is rare b/c I live with a lot of Hispanic and Whites. After about song 3 or 4 we introduced ourselves and I said let me give you my number, and he was said “why , are you leaving now?” “No, I’m going to sit down I’m tired as hell.” He kept saying make sure you give me your number before you leave. So I was all psyched alright a goodlooking brotha was showing interest in me, the TYPE that I’m used to!
After that there was about 30 mins before the club closed so I just chilled and hung out, and had a good time with my boys. Now as luck would have it, did I see black tank top guy when the club closed….NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I wasn’t pissed or anything, I just took it for what it is. If its meant to be I’ll see him again, if not he was just a part of a great night that I owed to losing my inhibitions and letting my guard down thanks to MAGIC DRANK.

FYI, I wasn’t drunk b/c the next day I woke at 9 30 am and cooked breakfast for my boys b/c they stayed the night, granted I woke up with a lil bit of a headache but hey, small price to pay!


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