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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Random Writings

Random Writings today.

Today is going fairly well, tomorrow I'm going out to Dream, hopefully with the Grown & Sexy girls (you know who you are). It's going to be interesting since we haven't hung out in a minute altogether. Last time there were WORKIN' the crowd and came back with (ole man friend(s) ) ex-football players and whatnot. What did I get....nadda dayum thang. But hey thats how it is when I go to str8 clubs, hell that happens to me at gay clubs too LOL....

But regardless, it will be nice just to hang and chill with some good people. Now that I think about it am I becoming a club head, I mean I went out the last two weekends, this weekend, then September 1st I'm going to ATL for black pride. Hmm...the making of a club head....nah I think not.

I'm getting kind of excited about starting my one grad course I'm taking. Because this will be the first step in my five year plan, see the previous plan. I went to go check out the amount of books that I'll need. Tell me why, it was only three and one of them I still have from undergrad, I'm like are you serious is this a grad cake course or soemthing? Well, I'll be sure to spill the beans on the course once I take it.

Also, I went one of my friends from high school hit me up via good ole myspace and it was cool, we caught up, and exchanged info about various people we knew from high school. Its weird man, seems like MAD people from my high school are getting married and/or in the airforce.


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