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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Piss Poor Night

Piss Poor Night Current mood: pissed off

Okay, so after work I go to the gym. I did legs you know got to make sure that my body is healthy, hell I only have one for the rest of my life. Plus I've decided yesterday that I needed to take extreme care of my body b/c Black Gay Pride was only 9 days away, now its 8. So I have to make sure my body is on point, if nothing else it will build self confidence. But I digress, so after the gym, of course I miss the bus and have to walk 2 miles from the metro station back to my apt. I don't mind that, by now I'm used to it, and I choked it up as more cardio woohoo!!! So I'm home relaxin, pre-heat the oven, and then return some phone calls. Then hop in the shower b/c I smell like the funk of 1000 years, (hey I just came back from the gym what do you expect, roses!) then it happens.

The freakin' lights start to flicker, then while I'm in the shower, the lights go out. Great, just great. After about 30 seconds they come back online, so I'm like aight thats fine whatever. Then in a minute or two, the power goes OFF. So for the next 2 hours I proceed to feel my way around my apartment, turning off the oven, taking out the food I was cooking. Thankfully, I had cooked some food the night before and put it in my fridge. So I feel my way in the fridge and proceed to eat some cold ass chicken and rice. Great just great. I then say f it and just turn on all the lights in my apartment, and go take a nap until the power comes back on. Well I must have hit that deep sleep earlier than I expected b/c when I woke up I was really groggy. I returned on phone call to my cousin, and tried to cook but that didn't really work out. Got on the net to check my email. Tried to turn on the TV, but the cable box I think was blown out by the power outage b/c it won't turn on. Great just great

Thank you Dominion Power.


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