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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My legs are sore!!!

Okay, yesterday I went to the gym after work talked to my gym buddy-uncle. Actually, my only pseudo-gym buddy-uncle, can't tell if he's friendly or more. So I just take his attention as friendly, so I did chest yesterday, and hit my abs like you wouldn't believe. I FINALLY did 200 bench press on the smith machine. By no means am I diesal, swole, or any other adjective that one uses to describe big in shape people. But I'm getting close, and I'm happy with my progress. I also did shoulders yesterday, which for me is probably my weakest and least worked area honestly. I don't know why, but I always get a sharp pain in my shoulders when I bench or do shoulders. But I took Hogg's (Mahogany) advice about mind over matter: "If you dont' mind it doesn't matter" 'nuff said.

So after I workout, I finally scheduled my gym time and public transportation to concide at the same time. But for some reason why did spend a good 30 mins in Giant looking for string, so I could rotisserie a chicken. So while I'm wandering through Giant, funky from the gym and hungry like a runaway slave I decide to buy some stuff. So ten minutes later I buy the ingredients to this BANGIN' spaghetti, tortellini, and beef ravoli dinner. Spending more money that I really planned on, but dammit! I was hungry.

Then even after that I had to buy the string at the CVS, great, just great.
I finally get home, and then hit the kitchen before I even take off my shoes. I preheat the oven so I can cook the twice baked potatoes, prepare and set the chicken, and boil water for the Italien fest I'm bout to tear down on. After I get all that working I then start my nighttime routine, I returned some calls. Got invited to some party in Richmond by my cuz. So I think I'll stop through.

Now, why today about four hours ago, I went and calculate the amount of money I spend on food for the last month period. Why was it more than 500 dollars. Now thats a dayum shame I'm spending a mortage on food. I'm not even FAT, hell I'm lean, what is really good. So from now on till October I ain't eatin' out. F, it I'll just have to starve and save my money.

Now its about 4:23, and y'all who know me, (oh that rhymes) knows its time for me to go. So bye for now!


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