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Friday, June 23, 2006



re·solve (r -z lv )v. re·solved, re·solv·ing, re·solves v. tr.

To make a firm decision about.

To cause (a person) to reach a decision. See Synonyms at decide.

To decide or express by formal vote.

To change or convert: My resentment resolved itself into resignation.

To find a solution to; solve. See Synonyms at solve.

To remove or dispel (doubts).

To bring to a usually successful conclusion

This week was a week of resolution for me, no life altering need or event came about and beckoned for me to change. It was just me, Wise&Young, looking at the current state of things, and deciding it was time for a change, a upward process. I have dubbed this operation
T.E.R.P.S., which has nothing to do with UMD, but everything to do with me. Travel, Economical, Relationships, Physical, and Spiritual, a five point plan for self improvement.

Travel: Resolve; a. to travel to Brazil for Bahian Heat in 2007. to travel in August and to travel every 3 months to another part of the country or to Canada. This will be achieved through saving enough money for the Bahian trip presently I’m planning to save 1800 for the trip. The road trips I plan to save 100 per trip.

Economical: Resolve; a to own a condo in Washington, DC by my 25th birthday April 20th, 2007. b. save up for at least 3 months of mortgage, and condo fees. This will be achieved by the following, opening up a money market account, and opening a savings account. The purpose of the money market account is to save for the 3 months of mortgage and condo fees, whereas the purpose of the saving account is for the aforementioned trips, and miscellaneous things that may come up. Also I have created a budget in accordance with the money I will be making. I have set up a meeting with one of my friends financial advisors who will sit with me to plan the IRA set up and retirement information.

Relationships: Resolved; a. to approach more people, and learn to flirt. b; strengthen the bonds with people I care about and who like me. c; make more friends/associates d; cut off dead weight. This will be achieved by the following, going to more events excluding clubs, and bars simply and have a goal in mind as far as how many people I will approach. Visiting family more often, and creating events like my 90’s throwback party and inviting people who I care about. Make more friends by joining volunteer organizations and talking to people in my gym, which will require me to get off the headset and actually talk to people. Cutting off dead weight in the sense of if you are a negative person you’re cut, if you do not improve my overall well being you are cut, and if you only find time for me when it’s convenient to you, then you are cut. This cut is not meant out of malice, but so that I can grow as a person without holding on to people who are not about an upward mobile progression

Physical: Resolved; a. to eat right, b; to get my skin clear, c; to be able to bench 225 by the end of the year. This will be achieved by the following actions, I have started to watch what I eat cut down to only eating one “cheat meal” a day, and loading up on fruits for snacks. Going back to the dermatologist, but this time finding an African-American one, or one that specializes in African-American skin. Re-hire the personal trainer that I had in January for six sessions, and hire him for six weeks. The guy is great, and thorough.

Spiritual: a. to walk with God. This is to be achieved by going more often to church for spiritual guidance and officially claiming a home church. Reading the good book on my own, and using it as a tool for metaphysical enlightenment and growth.

This is my five step plan, I know that it will not be easy and this plan will most definitely be revised and updated. I cannot accept perfection, but demand that I do my best in all aspects.

Just my thoughts ......


  • Good luck! I have no doubt that you will be successful! T.E.R.P.S. is a good name. After all, the race is not given to the most swift (the hare), but to he that endures to the end (the turtle a.k.a. terp).

    By Blogger Virginia Slim, at 3:45 PM  

  • Now this sounds like a plan that will actually work. I wish you success and achievement

    By Blogger That Dude Right There, at 2:38 AM  

  • I love it when a plan is put into action and it is written down. I wish you all the best results. Question--- what are you looking for most in a church home?

    By Anonymous kennyking78, at 7:04 AM  

  • I give mad props to you. Knowing what you want is one thing but coming up with a plan of action to get what you want is another. There's no question that you'll be quite successful in your plans for self-improvement. I wish you the best!

    By Blogger BuddahDesmond, at 8:14 PM  

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    By Blogger dctken, at 12:44 AM  

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