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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ballroom Interview: Dre Aga

Columbus Day, the Evisu ball, I went with my best friend, we were there soaking up all that we could. Balls, being such a new and different world. But after the first three hours the novelty wore off, and the fact that neither one of us really took a decent nap set in. Then I remembered this category called “Realness with Twist”, on the flyer it had part one and part two. When the first part came about all I could see where a gaggle of short boys running up in line, I thought it was schoolboy realness redux. But part two I saw all these boys dressed up in pink, baby blue, yellow, and red. The most effeminate outfits from Forever 21, BeBe, and any other slutty girl store. So while I’m taking this all in, trying to fight the onslaught of fatigue, I see this guy who at first was wearing blue and then I see him again in a pink tutu. Then I see both images together and think to myself, “Shit, I’m seeing double, but why are they in two different outfits?”. Sad to say it wasn’t until the next day that I realized that they were twins. I recently got the opportunity to talk to one of the twins Dre Aga.

Below is the conversation that ensued.

When did you first become aware of the ballroom scene?

Dre: I first became aware of the ballroom scene through my gay father. He took me to my first ball in Philly back in 2003.

How did you get a gay father?

Dre: He actually asked me to be his gay son. He was a close

Why realness with a twist?

Dre: LOL...... actually it grew on me..... I use 2 hate watching vogue fem or realness with a twist.... and after hanging with people who vogued all the time, I started 2 become interested. So I use to play around with it and started to get better and better at it.

Okay what did you hate to watch it at first?

Dre: Because it seemed like everybody was just slamming their backs on the floor, and I didn't understand what they were doing.....

Cool, why realness with a twist as opposed to Vogue Fem?

Dre: I was already walking a realness category and I was doing it just for fun...... Vogue fem is a lot more experienced and precise and I felt like I wasn't that good, for vf [vogue femme].

Do you see yourself transitioning into vf anytime soon?

Dre: No...... I feel like I have a long way to go, I'm still learning new and different things.

What’s your ballroom high? What was your ballroom low?

Dre: Winning otys [Of the Year] every year since I began walking in the ballroom scene is my ballroom high.

What are the otys that you've won?

Dre: The otys I won...... schoolboy oty in Philly and New York and Virginia in 2004; Schoolboy oty in va and twist oty in va for 2005; Schoolboy oty in VA and Baltimore in 2006

My ballroom low...... hmmmmmmm..... the 2 times I was chopped when I began twist[ing]

Did you get chopped for the realness part or the twist part?

Dre: I got chopped for the twist part

Why the House of Balenciaga?

Dre: I chose Aga because I was attracted to how much of a family they was, before I was even part of the ballroom scene, they always treated me like I was part of the family. They made me feel welcomed even tho I wasn't a part of them.

Do you feel that, it still holds true?

Yes I think it stills hold true to this day.... we are all pretty close and have our ups and down like a real family.

Do you ever get frustrated when being referred to as the “twisting twin” or one of the two Aga twins?

Dre: LOL..... no, I'm use to it by now, I had to deal with being called twins for my whole life. Yeah.... it did use to bother me a lot..... because we did use to be compared all the time.... and that can b frustrating...... But now, a lot of people do know us apart from each other...... and its not as bad as it use to be......

For those outside of the scene how would you describe the scene?

Dre: I would say its our way to come together and enjoy ourselves in a recreational way. Its a way to express our own individuality and to show a creative side that we may or may not can show in real life....

Speaking of real life, outside of the ballroom scene, what are you trying to do?

Dre: I'm trying 2 be a successful person in life. To buy a home within a couple of years and 2 live comfortably..... Trying to travel to different places outside of the US, and to just enjoy life to the fullest.

Word Association Game

Ricky Allure

One of my favorite vogue fems, a great character to be around...


My family.......


Is something you have to have to continue through out this scene for many years


To always try 2 best that I can no matter what.....In whateva I do


When a person win over someone unwillingly or an attitude a person give, a "can't take" type of an attitude.....

DC scene

A developing scene with a lot of talent..... that is growing more and more..... may be the one of the next hottest areas for a ball......

Dre Aga in Action

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