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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tim Tim Milan Interview

Tim Tim is officially hot right now. Having been awarded Vogue Fem “Of the Year” and Butch Queen Overall Vogue “Of the Year” this past New York Awards ball, 2006 Vogue Fem of the Year in Philly, and 2005 Vogue Fem of the Year in Atlanta, Tim Tim is on fire. With these accolades, and grand prizes under his belt, I had no intention of Tim Tim Milan agreeing to an interview with someone who he never met. Imagine the surprise I had when he did. After drafting up my list of questions for the subject like I always do prior to the interview, I began thinking, will Tim Tim have an attitude that would make interviewing him a regrettable task, as you can see optimism is not my strong suit. Instead of the arrogant Vogue Diva with plenty of awards under his belt, I found myself talking to a guy who was friendly, warm, and down to earth. A guy who has not let any of success color how he views himself, and how he interacts with others. Tim Tim came across as the type of guy every mother wishes her daughter would date.
Tim Tim Milan got introduced to voguing while living in Detroit, going to the clubs there he would see people voguing. Later while in Atlanta, he would see greats like Andre Mizrahi and Armani Milan voguing in clubs and was interested in the art form from that point on. But starting in the ballroom scene was difficult, Tim Tim started to walk in 2000, by Tim Tim’s own admission, “I constantly gotten chopped four straight balls, and I was about to quit, but my friends said no one gets its straight off to bat.” Which is great advice not only applicable to the Ballroom scene but to life as well.

Similarly to the perseverance to keep voguing in the beginning, Tim Tim also had to be persistent on finding the right house for him. “I’ve been a Milan was two years, first house was the House of Mizrahi, I was an Ebony also. For the longest time, all my friends were Milans, and that’s where my family was, why not go with your family?” Which leads to an interesting question I pose to Tim Tim, how important is what house you’re in dictate your level of success in the ballroom scene. “Before I came to the house of Milan I had a name but not as much as now. I’m not saying it takes away from your House; it will push you to step up to push your performance. I want to be one of the best of my House. You expect more in certain house. Some houses they have standard and you have to uphold that standard.”

This type of common sense is evident even when Tim Tim discusses why he thinks those who vogue soft cunt, have an advantage over dramatics, “a lot of the Dramatic are just throwing themselves… When I think of Dramatic I think of Pony [Zion], Desahuan [Evisu] or Mystery Dior. [But] the majority of them have not mastered dramatic.” Seeing that Tim Tim has a history of success I asked him his plans for the upcoming POCC and Latex Ball. “I never walked a Latex Ball, I don’t think the POCC ball is any different, from any other ball, I still get nervous and put the same amount of energy into it. It’s a highlight to have made that list. You have reached the elite of the category, it meant to a lot to make it. I am going to put 100% effort.” From there I ask Tim Tim to give me his take of the Star, Statement, and Legend echelons:

Star: Probably been out 1-3 years, making a name for themselves, making their impact their getting their 10’s won a couple of 10s known in their area.

Statement: [Been out for] 3-6 years, when that person steps on the floor no matter where they are you know who they are. When they call that category your looking for them, they are consistent and they have won, you are going to see them innovate and help them mold the category.

Legend: [Walking for] 6-8 years, A legend is someone who made their mark in their category, have beaten people on the floor, and have set the category for the kids to follow.

Tim Tim has become a statement a force to be recognized in the realm of Vogue Fem. It would be easy for someone to take his accolades and use them to inflate a faltering ego. Instead, Tim Tim comes off as an easy going guy that has a deep appreciation and love for the art of voguing. This appreciation can be seen when vogues and the judges recognize this as well. What the future holds for Tim Tim Milan is unknown, but he is already walking the path of success.

Word Association Game

Sheldon Khan Who?

Soft Cunt Prince Milan, Ricky Allure, Kiddy Aga, Marquise Revlon, Jlo ex Allure,

and Terrel Ebony

Dramatics Pony Deshaun Mystery Dior Kassandra Ebony,

Shade Bitter people; losing when you’re not supposed to

Family Caring, loving, dependable

Good Judies Andre Aga, Foxy Milan, Lil Tony Milan, I have more but I’ll be going all day.
Tim Tim Milan in Action

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  • I love Tim Tim....Milan or not...I love him for who he is...His vogue shows so much about him...His spirit and Aura are brightly lit and he will continue to shine as life goes on...Tim Tim Milan is what voguing is all about...HEART...DETERMINATION...FLARE...STYLE...PERFORMANCE...DEDICATION...LOVE!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:47 PM  

  • TIMMIE is definitely a true winner in all aspect. A a champion among champions. a fair player, never a sore loser. A legend in the makings for sure. Some of his generation should take a page from this wirter's book!! His personality is matched by none. a great son and friend.

    By Blogger james, at 9:01 PM  

  • Tim Tim is a stella performer. A very unique way of vogueing which sets him apart from other contenders. I like that he has his own moves and dont copy cat other vogue fems. i hate that. I also like the fact that theres still a sense of masculinity still there and doesn't go to far with the cunty effects. Cause some of the twisters should just walk drag performance. I love tim tim. I wish the best for his future.

    By Anonymous Derrick Allure, at 10:47 AM  

  • I remember Tim well before his newly achieved noteriety. Im gllad to see that he is doing well; i remiss that we failed to keep in touch. Does he have a webpage, blog or something i can get in contact with him. Myspace ? kenny c MBC

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:03 PM  

  • He does have a myspace! The link is www.myspace.com/justtimothy ! Tim is one of the nicest people that is in the ballroom scene. He is sure to be one the next legends in his category.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:37 PM  

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