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Monday, October 01, 2007



Wow is the only way to describe how my life has been going. Previously, life has been quiet a few things here and there but for the most part quiet. Now, life has been very active so to speak. I guess the best way to go about explaining it is to describe it is to take a week by week.

Week 1

My job flew me out to Omaha, to take part in a planning meeting. Omaha is pretty cool I must insert photos. I actually wouldn’t mind living there, except that the winters are bitterly cold and brutal in a way that my Black Ass could not take. The meeting could have been better but hey, I got a free trip out of it. Plus while out there I went to this great butcher shop about bought two sampler packs consisting of: two filet mignons, two NY strip steaks, and two flank steaks for a grand total of 28 each! One for my mom and one for myself.

Week 2

I had already planned a month in advance to go take July 16th off to visit my Mom, so after flying back into Omaha, picking up my cat who I have named Haile Selassie (can you just see my pumping my black fist in the air). I got a quick nights rest, and then I was off driving back home. With meat from Omaha, copies of my Mom’s high school yearbook, all four years from college, college newspaper clippings, magazine aritlce that mentioned my Mom in the Ivy Leaf magazine with a photo of my Mom the day after she crossed, and a letter to the Editor published in the New York Times she wrote in 1979. I was extremely nervous as to how she would react, prior to this I knew she was feeling depressed about her life and how certain things had turned out. So I knew there could be only one to of two ways it could go, really good or really bad. My mitigan strategy was that I bought food, her favorite type of cake, and was trying to surprise her. Well the surprise didn’t go as planned because she was in her office when was was supposed to be out. But she did break down and cry, and was just so amazed that I had gone through the trouble of finding those things. After that we had dinner, and went to the movies to see the latest Harry Potter film. After that I drove up to Fairfax VA for a three day training that I was going to be a part of on how to write “Winning Proposals”. It was intesrsting definelty learned a lot that is directly applicable to the work that I currently am tasked to achieve. After the last day, this woman came up who was in the training gave me her business card, and talked about how her company is hiring and that she’ll email me with the job descriptions and whatnot. I told her flat out that I am content where I am, but if something better comes along hey I’m all ears.

Week 3

This was to be the start of me getting back on my work out regime. So I go to the gym at 7 am and did some cardio, abs, and chest. Took a shower at the gym and I headed out the door around 9 so I could get to work by 9:30. Get to my building and something is wrong with the keyless entry so I have to wait until someone comes down there. Already not a good start to the day. I get to my floor and the V.P. and a new Director are there looking very busy. After making pleasenties the V.P. tells me that they need to taolk to me about the class I took, once I get settled. I don’t get three bites of my bagel before he summons me to the conference room. There I found that my supervisor has decided to leave the company (honestly I think it was one of those they are going to fire me so I’m going to beat them to the punch), and that there is some immediate work mainly a proposal that is due by the end of the week along with a corporate capabilbites statement that is due by 4 pm today. The VP then tells me with that they don’t think my boss will work his full three week notice period, and that I with the help of one other person have to do get these things accomplished. So I spend all of Monday working on this corporate capabilities statement to get it accomplished. Then the rest of the week is spent along with the director who helped tremendously, putting in 12 and more hour days to get this proposal completed.

Week 4

So after the hellish week is over, you’d think things would calm down. Not really because now in week four there were not only two more proposals that needed to be worked but also other things needed to be done for my job. Needless to say, I am not going to gym, not really eating right, and just overall a mess. Things are getting done but at what expense? I am honestly not getting paid enough to do what I am doing. While I was being interviewed there were supposed to be two people to do the job of proposal writer so we could really do most of the writing and it would not be so burdensome. Now there are two people, myself and a director, but she is also charged with having to do her “real job” as well, so as much help as she is, what happens when her other duties begin to supercede this? So my plan is to find out the pay range, and interview and get a job offer with another company doing the same type work, at an agency that does similar to mine. Then go to my company ask for more money, lay out why, show them the increase in responsibility from what I was currently hired for, and if no, then I will be prepared to give them my three weeks notice. The only thing is that I would have to pay them back for the training they sent me to which is a total of 2k.

Weeks 5-7

I got a job offer paying about 15k more than what I get paid now. Its two blocks away from where I used to live in Northern VA. The commute will be longer but hey you do what you go to do. At my present job, gave them my three weeks notice understandably they were upset but oh well. I'm ready for a change and I haven't been to the gym since July 4th. Coincidentally, my eating habits are horrible. Thank God its the fall so I can work in this flab and get back into shape. This time in my life has been many, many, many things.

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