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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Me & Hip-Hop

I have been writing! Just not writing my blog, while being broke I responded to a Craigslist ad to write articles for an online Hip-Hop magazine. Now, what most of you don’t know is that I have always had a deep love and appreciation for all the elements of Hip-Hop and the artists thereof. So I responded to the ad, sent the guy a link to my blog, so I guess he knows I’m gay, and he put me to work. To date, I’ve interviewed more than a handful of artists all with varying levels of success. Some have been doing guerilla marketing and promotion to get their name out to everyone, and hoping that something will spark their “big break”. Others have had their big break but no one still knows there names, and that they are trying to cement their status into the ranks of contemporary Hip-Hop notables. Then there is another kind, the kind that has enjoyed quiet Hip-Hop success, the type that they can walk down the street and not get noticed, but walk into the studio and all eyes are on them. So far some have been on the dramatic side, others have been so laid back that I wanted to check them for a pulse, others acted as if they had recently had a lobotomy. But none of them have been mean, well at least not yet, all have been gracious understanding the power and influence that writers have to paint you as either the biggest underground hype or the biggest no talent asshole since inception.

I’m thinking of contacting other Hip-Hop magazines, and starting to go to Hip-Hop shows in the DC area and write reviews on them so that I can a wider range of topics within the Hip-Hop world. The next interviewer is going to definitely get questions concerning gays and women in the Hip-Hop industry. Have I found a new hobby, and is there a way of making money doing this? I guess only time will tell.

Below are the links to all the articles that I have written for so far


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  • congrats on the gig!
    Onward and upward!!

    By Blogger Cocoa Rican, at 9:32 AM  

  • Man I think it, great that you are finding your Thing! Extra money is Great believe, but let the universe toss you around a bit and go with it. I beat you will be so happy where you end up. Be bless


    By Blogger Spencer Grant, at 10:54 AM  

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

    By Blogger Apollo, at 9:44 PM  

  • Umm.. Big Bro where have the updates bee!? But i must agree with Mr. Rican, congrats on the job.


    By Blogger Apollo, at 9:46 PM  

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