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Thursday, December 20, 2007

I know you all got tired of seeing that damn Pauvre Chic posting….............................................so did I

Ok so what’s been up with me personally still the same ole same ole nothing has really changed.

Professionally, I’ve changed employers still doing the same job but get this making damn near 16k more. My ex-employer did some shady shit with my last pay check and now I’m sueing them in small claims court right ( only me). The people @ my new job are older than me, very distant, very northern va-esque. I’m studying for the GMAT exam I want to take in 2009. Simultaneously I’m studying for the Foreign Service Officer exam and preparing to take that in December of 2008.

I’ve started writing short stories. You will see them soon. I.E. tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Hey, it is good to see you are still alive and kicking! I am about to check out, but I will read your short story post in the morning!

    I just wanted to let you know that you were missed!

    By Anonymous kennyking78, at 11:47 PM  

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