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Monday, October 01, 2007

Baby Drama

Here is something simple: I am going to have three children. I have always known I’m going to have three children, 2 girls and one boy. As life has a tendency to do, there have been some twists in turns. Namely, my realization that I am gay, but that does not mean I don’t or won’t have kids. Just a mere hurdle I have to overcome. Another hurdle is the HIV infection rate in the DC metro area for my demographic is high as hell. Yes I know if you use a condom that dramatically cuts down the chances, but it only takes one time. But the odds are not stacked in my favor when it comes to that realistically. Which means, if I become HIV infected I know I could pass that onto my children, I would not do that to them. I will not let a mistake I made impact that lives of the innocent. Plus what happens if I die before I have a child that means my lineage ends with me. A sad thought but one I have to think about, but there is one way for me to mitigate these risks. Two words: Sperm Bank, yes banking my sperm for future use, I know it sounds weird but I’ve been researching banking sperm at Cryobanks. For me it seems as if it’s the best option. It allows me to bank my sperm for future use, the way they bank sperm there is no “shelf life” as to when the sperm has to be used by, so in theory I can bank the sperm today and 20 years from now I can have kids.

But the cost to do this is EXPENSIVE 35 dollars a month for a storage fee, isn’t bad but the cost for everything else is HIGH.

Initial consultation $150- WTF is this for, I know what I want, can’t you tell me this over the phone for free?

Analysis & Collection $275- Okay, I agree with this I mean this is how they make their coins.

Blood work $120- To make sure everything is copasetic; they said I can get this done elsewhere, as long as they get the results. Can’t I go to a general doctor and get them to do that when they do my general health exam, and doesn’t health insurance pay for this?

Analysis & Collection $275- See why I have to make two deposits?

I guess this is like insurance, just in case something goes wrong. Now, after I do this, I just have to find a baby’s mother. Below are photos of physical type of baby mothers I will be on the look out.

Now as far as traits, must be afro-centric meaning that they know about their culture. Preferably both parents of African-American descent, someone who is professionally motivated, but gives back to the community in some way shape or form. No artists, singers, actors, or entertainers. Basically someone who if I died I would feel completely comfortable knowing that my children were going to be raised in a manner that I would raise them as well.

Just my thoughts

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