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Friday, August 26, 2005

Sick like a dawg

Today is Friday, and I feel sick as a dog. My throat is scratchy, eyes are watery, and I feel like I'm going to throw up. Great and today I was suppossed to go to some party in Richmond but I dont' think I can or will make it really. I mean I'm not tryin' to hurl in the club or whatever. Whats ironic is that everytime I get sick I start to feel melancholy, and want to listen to some old school R&B, or British rock. Old school R&B like Video Soul, Video Vibrations, Midnight Love. British Rock like Portishead, Tricky (yes he is ROCK DAMMIT), Coldplay, etc.

I don't know why but i feel like just closing all the blinds in my office, sitting in complete darkness and wallowing in a mixture of depression, and self-pity when I'm sick like this. As you can see, I don't get sick often at all. On some level I think I may enjoying being sick every once in a while, it give me an excuse to do such behavior that I otherwise wouldnt' allow myself to indulge in.

Oh finally saw the Kanye West interview on MTV. That brother is something else, he's both eloquent and incoherent all at the same time. He talked about his homophobia, how he was sorta shady by signing with Jay-Z instead of Damon Dash. I mean he was making some really good points. He's an interesting person, very much so. After that, I watched the new Nick Cannon improv show. It reminds me of the little annoying brother version of SNL and Mad TV. But the rhyming was funny....DIVA EVA was up there. I mean she's so fine, she made the show worthwhile.
Then I watched the Andy Milkoansis (sp?) show that came on right after. Why is that show comedic genius! I swear I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt.

Just called my cuz, and told her I'm not going to Richmond, I feel sick....where is my ANITA & Coldplay!


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