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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Got to start somewhere.

Got to start somewhere.

Have you ever got so hyped up and psyched to start a new phase in your life, a new job, or even a work out regime. But then when you actually start, and realize how far away you are from your goal you feel frustrated, and defeated because you are starting further back that you had anticipated? Well recently that was the case with me with two different things. The first being my work out regime, before I started working out again, I got completely naked and did and honest and brutal self assessment of where I am starting from. Folks, it was not a pretty sight, places that were once defined are now akin to that of chocolate Jell-O pudding. My once defined abs are just flat. Then when I started working out with my personal trainer for six sessions that did not help things, we were using light weights but I was struggling. Partly because I think he pushed me more than I would push myself, secondly because he had me doing exercises in a manner that I was not used to, such as supersets, resting on 45 sec in between reps, and using the stability ball. All of this culminated in me really thinking and feeling that my goal to have a body of a stripper by April 20th (by birthday) as fleeting and improbable. I then started kicking myself for not working out consistently since October, and lamented about how my body used to be fit.

The second instance was dealing with the GRE, on Saturday; I went to a Kaplan center to take a diagnostic test for free. Just to see the absolute base where I was starting from without studying or familiarizing myself with the exam, so I took the GRE there. Well without getting into the specific percentile, let’s just say that I am a lot farther from my goal that I ever expected; which was disheartening because it made my goal seem that more unattainable and closer to the realm of pipedream. Now, needless to say the rest of the day between my arms throbbing from yet another workout that just further re-iterated how far I was from my goal, and my ego was hurting from the low score. I started to think man, maybe grad school isn’t for me, and I should just give it up, along with trying to get the body I wanted.
Then I had to give myself a pep talk or a kick in the ass. Sometimes we have to do that, in this life it is essential to be able to lick your own wounds, and motivate yourself when you are really not trying to do whatever you are in need of motivation. So during this heart to heart with myself, I realized that I was disappointed in myself because I was not as far along as I had hoped. But then I had to check myself, and say hey, you really want to into graduate school because education is a tool to help you crave out the life that you so richly deserve. Now why are you going to potentially rob yourself of the life you deserve because you are not where you want to be. Everyone has to start somewhere. As far as the body tip I had to again give myself a kick in the ass, and say if you must take baby steps towards your goal if you are truly trying to achieve a body comparable to Taye Diggs.

So right now I am taking steps towards reaching my goals, from now until March 4th I am studying 2 hours a night for the GRE. One of the graduate students I used to supervise has volunteered to help me out with the math section, considering he scored an 800 and he’s a freaking math genius, I am definitely going to take him up on that offer. As far as the body, I am going to take what I’m learning from my short time with the personal trainer. Eventually I’ll probably buy more sessions but for right now I am going to make just go to the gym five days a week, and just push myself as much as I can.

In my opinion too often in contemporary society we are so used to things coming easy and the idea of struggling, sacrificing, and working hard seem obtuse in this life. But the realty is that we all struggle, sacrifice, and work hard, in fact struggle, sacrifice, and hard work are the down payment we pay towards a better life.

Just my thoughts….


  • deep reflection, bruh. fuck you "can" do it...you MUST do it. anyway, working out with d is always a bitch...he'd push you no matter what shape you were in and you'd be in pain, no matter what shape you were in. he's a sadist.

    By Blogger Karamale, at 9:23 PM  

  • I think you got the right ideal. You have to start somewhere. Stay encourage! Without struggle there is no progress. Now you are going through a little struggle. Hang in there the latter part will come.

    By Blogger mytruth, at 3:30 AM  

  • You are too far along to quit now....if you stop now you'll be kicking yourself later. Be focused I know you can do it (smile)

    By Blogger Honey-Libra, at 9:31 AM  

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