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Thursday, December 22, 2005


As some of you know through reading my blog I’m on this journey trying to better myself mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, basically in every way possible. As described in my swagger post, I have a plan to get a personal trainer, get professional photos taken, and pay off some of my credit card debts. In order to achieve this I’ve taken a part time seasonal job. Well here is just an update, thanks to Karamale, I think I have personal trainer lined up, the only issue is which gym can he train me (he belongs to a different gym than I, and I can’t buy a monthly or weekly pass for that gym), I’ve paid off one of my credit cards which had a low amount of money on it but hey it’s paid. Now I’m still working and the rest of the money is for the photo shoot which will probably be in late March or early April, and to replenish my savings.
But this is not the end merely, the beginning I am a firm believer that success breeds success. So with these goals that I have set for myself coming to fruition I am now ready to apply to graduate schools for fall 06. I have been debating and wavering whether or not to apply and which schools to apply to, weighing issues like loans, potential income loss or how long it will take for me to complete that degree if I work full time and go to school part time. But now, I’ve basically said fuck it, let me man the fuck up and apply. The worst possible situation is that I don’t get accepted to any schools that I apply to, which means the worst is the status quo. But the best is that I get accepted to the Kennedy School of Government or any other Ivy League public policy program or any program that I am applying to for fall 06. Now I have to do a few things in preparation of this, the first being getting recommendations, and taking the GRE for the schools. I do have some concerns like my undergrad GPA that took a precipitous drop while I was being put through. But you never know till you try right?!?!?!!?
After talking to a few people who not only invigorated my determination to become a grad student by the fall of 06 but I have also came up with the three most important items to have when filling out for an application or when doing a job search as well. A strategic plan, marketing plan, and confidence, when you have these three items they can aide you tremendously w/o you doing too much else. It is vital to have a strategic plan in the sense that you have to look at the situation take an honest assessment of strengths and weaknesses, and what is most important to you in a school and for your career. For instance I’m looking for name recognition, and alumni networking for my graduate schools that I am looking into, why because at least in the field that I am looking to enter (public policy specifically working on the Hill) it is important for there to have connections and for me to be able to network with alumni who could possible open doors. Also I am trying to figure out my strengths that I can play up and the weaknesses I am in the process of addressing. The marketing plan is all about making sure that you present yourself in the strongest light possible including strong recommendations, adding supplements if you think they would make a difference. It would also help if you have inside information such as what an admissions counselor for that program or school would like to see and tailor yourself to highlight what you have achieved that meets those expectations. But the most important thing to have is confidence, that applying is a mere formality in order for inevitable to occur. Confidence can aide and guide you in ways that are immeasurable helping you to achieve results otherwise that would not be attainable.


  • good luck on the applications, bruh.

    (word verif: ddddqsct)

    By Blogger Karamale, at 10:05 PM  

  • I am certain that you will succeed on all of your endeavors... Just be strong and don't take your eyes off what lay ahead...

    Happy New Years!

    By Blogger P. Alonzo Harris Jr., at 9:32 AM  

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