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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

An update

Sorry I haven’t updated the page in a minute but life sometimes can really get you busy…So let me take this time to bring everyone up to speed upon my journey.

On the career search I’ve enlisted the big guns…my parents, those who know me that I gain about 70% of my knowledge, personality, and essence from my Mom. So she told me to do the following: Take a week and just think what you would like to do and what are you good at, which I did then find out who you can employ those skills and desires in a job that will ultimately fit in your ultimate goal. In my case my ultimate career goal is to not have to work at all by the time I’m 40 years old. Which for me means that I am going to have to create income generating incomes…got any ideas? My only idea is that I could and will own properties, throughout the United States. Right now I’m in the process of going to happy hours, and networking events and re-doing my resume for jobs that I’m interested in, which tend to be a business analyst, government intelligence analyst, or something along those lines. Anyone with words of knowledge or help is greatly appreciated.

The next thing happened about three weeks ago, once again I was sitting home alone on a Friday night. Then I actually said this out loud “This don’t make a bit of goddamn sense, yo’ black ass is home again like you got some kids and shit” So with that sentence I decided that from now one I’m going to go out at least once every weekend. So two weeks ago me and my girl Claudette were supposed to go to Love but you know we met up too late to use our free passes (I’ve made another promise to myself that I refuse to pay to go to a straight club) so we ended up going to BarNun. BarNun was eh okay, partly b/c Claudette just came out of the Peace Corps so she had to get readjusted to the DC scene, plus she was dressed for Love (read dress to impress) and didn’t know about the latest dances or songs. So that made that night a eh..sort of flat. I mean I was tearing it up on the dance floor, and had a good time hell, no reason for us both to be lookin lost on the dance floor…I dance way too well for that to happen.

Then the next night my friend PrAKArious planned to go out to H20. So we get to the club around 10:30 and the line is RIDICOUSLY LONG. We might have even tried to chance it if it weren’t so damn cold (18 degrees) and that’s before the wind chill. So we drive around DC, and we’re about go to Republic Gardens, but there is no parking within four blocks of any of the clubs on U st, where Republic Gardens is located. So then I get the bright idea of going to FUR, after getting lost for about 30 mins trying to find the right turn, we finally find a space a block away. Then we get to the door and ask how much is it to get in, for the short entrance the cost is 40 dollars and for the long wait in the howling wind line it is 25 dollars and this for international night. So we just drive around listening to the radio and having a good time and then come home and sleep.

But I refused to give up so the next day, Sunday, I plan to do it up again, this time I’m not driving b/c the cost of gas was getting to me. So decide to go to Chocolate Sundays at Gazua’s and then to the Fireplace. Again, it was cold as all hell, but this time I take the metro. So I finally make it to Chocolate Sundays, and it was so DC. Let me explain what made it so DC, people were sitting down listening to the type of House music that you hear when in United Colors of Benetton, and talking to people that they rolled there with. On a side note is it me or are 75% of all gay black men in DC over the age of 34? So I’m there and soaking up the ambiance, and realizing that there is no mingling going on at all. It looked like there were about six private parties going on and no one was mixing. So between that the incessant drowning of House music, I had to leave to go to the Fireplace at least for a cheap drink and some Hip-Hop. I get there, and it’s crowded, as I expected, and I get there mill for a second, and see if there is anyone I know, and there isn’t so I just chill and get a drink and take it all in.

That was pretty much the end of my President’s Weekend.

Last week I took one my str8 friends, the other half of the Doublemint twins, to the Delta, I know that a lot of guy hate it when women are in a gay club. But Doublemint isn’t like that at all; in fact I think she was cooler with it than me. So we get there a tad bit early, I know I got there early b/c I was able to get a parking space in front of the club, a first for me. But once we get inside Doublemint twin and I have a good time, we listen to the music chill and whatnot. Then when I think “Milkshake” comes on one of those fem boys how thinks that they can pop, and work it better than any “fish” was dancing near here, and started trying to break it down, and then looked her up and down. Not a good look….someone should have warned them Doublemint can and does break it down to damn near EVERY genre of music. So she started to break it down and then looked him up and down like “What now?!?!?” then the fem boy walked off the dance floor. So then when the crowd starts to thicken up we start to just wile the hell out, we start dancing as raunchy as all hell lol…It was funny there were times when the kids around us were looking like “clutch the pearls” lol…they weren’t ready.

But after going out two weekends in a row I have new found respect for club kids, because the next work day I was a hot ass mess, and had to leave work early and sleep.

What’s the game plan for next weekend? Chillin with my cousin/best friend in Richmond, Bookie…now I’ll definitely have some stories b/c when we get together we always end up in some shit lol…


  • hm...aspects of dc life i don't necessarily miss. i will say, though, that 75% of the bruhs in the FIREPLACE are over 34. you gotta go elsewhere for a different crowd.

    the clubs get tired quick, tho.

    By Blogger Karamale, at 6:45 PM  

  • btw, the washington city paper is your friend. use it.

    By Blogger Karamale, at 6:46 PM  

  • MAN!! You and Doublemint are too funny apart so I knew that there would be some craziness when you two got together lol. I only regret that I was too tired to go, but I'm def down next time.

    I'm def gonna have to use some of your moms advice

    By Blogger Honey-Libra, at 11:17 AM  

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