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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


This weekend I was talkin’ to my boy L a Q from NSU, and after we shot the shit for a second, I decided to check his bruhz probate online from another HBCU. Partly because I’ve never seen a Q probate, and other part because I was bored and had not a damn thing else to do while it snowed. So I’m watching this one and a half hour probate (a probate is basically a Greek debut for National Pan-Hellenic Council members, honestly I got bored after 30 minutes. I mean it was okay, but it wasn’t as thorough as I’m used to seeing.

Let me explain this, at my Alma Mater, damn near everyone when they came out they were tight, with the exception of the SGRho’s. Hell, when my lb’s and I probated it was one of the best that my Alma Mater had seen in a very long time. But not just my frat, but the Sigmas, Zetas, AKAs, and Deltas all came out TIGHT and on point. As I was watching the Q probate, I started to think of other probates I’ve seen at other chapters and at other schools for other orgs, but they honestly could not hold a candle to their sorors or frat at my Alma Mater.

Some of the things that really set us apart were things that EVERY org stressed intensity, originality, being TOGETHER, and knowing your shit. This could be seen first off in our greetings, when we greeting our frat, our dean, ADP, big bruhz in the chapter, and other big bruhz. Man my LB’s and I used to joke that we could release some underground mixtapes of greetings that we had, we had the REAL version, the PG version, remixes, and unheard greetings that were just in case. As an example before we finished our ADP’s greeting we had about 10 songs we went through, all together he had over 30 songs in our probate.

Like our greetings you had to be able to grit, I mean G-R-I-T, I saw one of those folks in the probate this weekend, and two of them looked liked like broken spirit slaves, and three of them looked like they smelled something funny. Of course my number 7, had the best grit, but that goes without saying.

I promise you there is nothing like a probate taking place in the evening/night that is tight, with hot greetings, folks spittin’ the most info they can in one single unified breath. That is a tight a probate.

Just my thoughts…..


  • i just came across your blog and just from reading a couple entries you seem to be basically telling my life story, GOT DAM!!! well except for the coming out part, i haven't done that yet and probably never will, lol. but i was trying to figure out what frat you were in and this post gave me the answer. we're in the same frat going through the same thing wow....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:13 AM  

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