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Thursday, August 10, 2006

A wrap up

A wrap up…..

I had some things on my heart I need to let y'all know

The weekend of the 25th I’m going to NYC with one of my boys. So if you know of anything that’s going on feel free to hit me up with the info. Any good places to shop (by good I mean reasonably priced if not lower and still nice). ....I want to go to a ball, and that same weekend there is a Latex Ball, I want to go by my friend doesn’t so I may just go and see what its all about, I havent’ made up my mind, the balls that are on Frank’s website seem to be very interesting at least to go to. But I know I would need someone to explain things to me b/c I’m really not at all familiar with that scene….Found out on of my former RA friends is living in NYC with her partner and working at NYU. They offered me their couch whenever I want to come and crash….CHURCH!!!!!.....Saw the two last episodes of Noah’s Arc from the first season…eh wasn’t impressed in the least. They were giving me too much of nothing it I know its supposed to be a comedy but it seemed like an effeminate man’s wish list. Handsome men with guys who aren’t really on their level, but having nothing but adoration for their effeminate partners, I’m sure it happens just not as frequently as depicted. Also where was the witty repertoire, the tongue-n-cheek humor. But the second season at least the first episode, there seemed to be an upgrade in both the production as well as the character development. …I am really on some fuck you type shit right now as far as people in my life. If you’re not helping me in some way, and are not there for me….well fuck you too then….Why are gay clubs done and dead…if I hear Déjà vu, Me and You, It’s going down, one more time….I get better music at straight clubs….Speaking of straight clubs, went to one last weekend pretty sure there was this one guy who got down, and may have been interested….but I couldn’t tell….Okay why are there an abundance of good-looking, intelligent, on point African-American gay men in DC, ATL, and NYC yet the vast majority are single, but lament about not having anyone…but in cities with the population is much smaller there are more couples abound…About me driving around for MONTHS w/o AC and it all might be due b/c I pressed a damn button….What are some good places to road trip too….Why do folks to out in packs of four or more and then wonder why folks don’t step to them….Why am I about to be active in my frat again…against my better judgment…Why are so many rappers ugly…Chamillionaire looks like a Gremlin….Young Jeezy got a bullet shaped head…Lil Wayne looks like a damn hallway in the projects with all those damn scribbling on his body…What really gets me is how are you going to be that first generation or one generation removed from the ghetto but act as if your family had money since the Emancipation Proclamation…An Addendum to that would be this: why are folks always talking down about the project/ghettos, but the ghetto has been one the ONLY places were true American culture is created and shipped to the masses….Why the hell is real estate so damn expensive….Why have I started to deal with white boys more and more….


  • Hey, you can always come to the popular Latex Ball hosted by the Host of Latex at the Roseland Ball room! It's always a hit!

    By Blogger Ruben Porras, at 11:45 AM  

  • Dang! I guess you got it ALL of your chest, hunh?

    Good question about the couples vs. single eligible black men... I think the reason you see less couples in metropolitan cities is because of "the grass is greener on the other side" mentality! For some reason, we as men, always want to keep our options open. It is sad, but true.

    By Anonymous kennyking78, at 7:34 PM  

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