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Saturday, October 07, 2006

I know I know, my apologies to anyone who cares I have been going through it but in a good way. I’ve decided that instead of talking about my workout process I will show it. So enjoy the photos below….

This is me after actually doing ab excercises consistently for two weeks, since I've been traveling I really have neglected but give me six weeks and my joints will be used as a washboard!

This is once was an attempt at me showing my triceps, my arms are one of the areas of my body I need to focus on to gain both mass and definition....

This photo you can see my biceps and some of my chest I was surprised to see how my body was changing and I'm see overall tone and how its in the process of tightening up.

Ok this once was to show my obliques but I like the abs you see and this one also shows more defintion of my lower chest.

I like this photo the best, I like my back and this one shows it, and I like it, enough said.

Any suggestions, comments or concerns will be greatly appreciated. Right now I'm in the process of renovating my blog. I have written over 15 blog entries that are just itching to be realised to the world....Just wait....its been worth the wait!!!!!

Just my thoughts


  • Building Blocks - dude u have the basics in place.. wide shoulders.. narrow hips... the classic V shape. all u gotta do is tighten up sum shit and get rid of some of the unwanted flesh and u are THERE. jus watch the diet... u are what u eat.

    I wud not work that nice booty though.. any more development and u aint gonna be able to go through a door sideways :)

    hot diggity u got sumpin goin on

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:00 PM  

  • keep up the good work

    By Blogger lj, at 12:35 AM  

  • All right sexy boy!!! Keep up the good work! I am a workout junkie so all I am going to say is stay consistent... I will also echo the first person's comments... watch the diet... if you make sure to monitor what you put into your body and when you are doing it, everything else will fall into place.

    By Anonymous kennyking78, at 5:22 AM  

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