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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

On my travelling shit

On my traveling shit

Man this weekend and next weekend I’m traveling, I definitely need to get away from the DC area and do something else. This weekend I’m going back home to Norfolk, VA. Mom invited me to a Black business expo, I do not want my own business at this time or ever really, but I am going to be around some motivated African-Americans and see what they have to say. Plus I need to go home to see my Mom and my little brother who is turning 21 tomorrow. This is the same guy who when he was 2 said he’d never be able to roll over in his bed, and were suggested my mom, the psychotherapist, seek psychological treatment because she refused to plan for his funeral at the suggestion of the doctors. That’s probably why I really don’t fuck with doctors the medical field.
But the next weekend the 25th I’m going to my spiritual hometown…NYC. People don’t understand how much I love NYC, it has a lot to do with when my Mom left my Dad the first place we lived was NYC specifically Harlem, and that was the first time I can actually remember feeling safe, secure, and genuinely happy. Even to this day every time I go there, I feel safe, and happy, people don’t understand how I can feel that way about one of the largest cities in the world, but I do, call me crazy. With this trip I’m going with my boy, who I went to NYC last summer with, but this time we’re doing certain things differently:

A. Instead of taking the bus to Newark we’re taking the bus to NYC, which is cheaper, and faster

B. Staying in a hostel or place in NYC, not Newark, which will cut down on the commuting time

C. I’m researching places to shop, and eat, so anyone in the NYC area who knows of some good places to shop for clothes w/o it costing an arm and leg let me know, I’m going to Canal Jeans, Canal St, and to Century 21. Any suggestions? Food we’re trying Ivorian (my dad’s homeland) P.R. food, and something else, just don’t know as of yet.

D. We are not relying on his contacts for party info, last time we did we had an ok time but I think it could have been better spent if we knew what choices there were, again, any suggestions would be helpful.

E. I have money to spend, CHURCH!!!!

I’m still debating whether or not to go to the Latex Ball which is also that weekend, my only concern is that my boy refuses to go with me, and I’m not trying to be in the ball totally confused about what’s going on, so I don’t know about that one as of yet.

Oh, with this new job, I get all federal holidays off that means pretty much once a month I can visit a place I’ve never been to, any suggestions? So far I’m thinking of Dallas, Houston, maybe even LA….


  • Thanks for visiting my site. Seems like you have some great plans coming up. Let me know when you make it into the city! Also, I'll be down your way for a booksigning within a month.

    By Blogger Bougie Black Boy, at 11:03 AM  

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