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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Black Dick

America was always been afraid of the Black dick, and the mythical sexual prowess that comes with it. The sexual powers of the Black dick have been the reason for many of the lynching that occurred in the early part of the 20th century. Many times the accusation of looking at white women was enough to lose your life; Emmett Till is a powerful example. Another example is the Florida town that was destroyed all due to the false accusation of a white woman who said she was raped by a Black dick. The Scottsboro case is another case that in the early part of the 20th century again brought up the fears many Americans have about Black dick. Even today Black dicks continue to cause controversy, in the 80’s Bobby Brown was jailed for making obscene moves on stage. Now juxtapose what Brown was doing on stage with what any of the Rock Bands of the time that positioned their guitar was a large phallus, or even as the female counterpart to their own male sexual organ.
This fear of the Black dick can even be seen in the recent Cocodorm controversy. A quick overview of what happening is that the media along with some of the members in a residential Miami neighborhood were anonymously mailed packets containing a DVD; print out from the Cocodorm website, and the address of its current house. Now everyone is up in arms, about this sex house in a residential neighborhood. Within days of the initial story the police, health inspectors, and other codes people came to shut the house down, or rather what was happening in the house.
Let’s think about this, prior to this story coming out of the news not one of the neighbors knew of what was going on, had any indication of what happened in the house. They only become alarmed when they found out that numerous Black dicks were having sex with each other. This again speaks to America’s fear of Black dick. Now let us look at what was happening in the home, it was sex, sex that happened on a timed regular basis. Planned and orchestrated sex. Now let’s think, does this not happen in residential neighborhoods, how many people have sex a certain times of the day? Damn near everyone has sex at certain mutually agreeable times. So that was not the case.
Even the idea that sex for public consumption happening in residential suburban neighborhoods is nothing new, not long ago there were stories in the news about women( read white women) having sex, masturbating, and stripping online for paying viewers. What is so different to what is happening in this residential Miami neighborhood? Nothing, other than the fact that is highly organized, its gay, and it involves Black dicks. Its amazing how one appendage can cause such a furor.
Then most heinous implied fear tactic that news media used was juxtaposing images of the Cocodorms website, Black bodies seen through windows of a home, and then photos of children playing and interviews with residents that didn’t want it in their neighborhood near children. Implying that Black dicks are dangerous to children, and the need to protect children from them, but again there has not been one instance noted where children came into contact the models. All one has to do is look at NBC’s “To Catch a Predator” and see that many of the pedophiles are not Black, who go after children in suburbs.
Ironically, all these people who fear Black dicks, and their sexual prowess all they have to do is talk to someone who has had sex with more than few Black dicks to have them realize that, unfortunately Black dicks aren’t as powerful as all the hype would have one to believe, much to the chagrin of many a Black women and bottom.


  • Being someone who is definitely not afraid of a black dick or two, let me agree with what you are saying. Yes, Cocodorm has had its share of trouble and controversy in the past, but the neighborhood and media perception of this situation is VERY skewed and coming from a hateful place.

    Porn is a billion dollar industry. Someone is indulging in it. Maybe I am naive, but I always assumed that if porn was not shot in a hotel room it was shot in a house, in a residential area. I have seen plenty of porn (with all races) that was obviously shot in a single family home. I don't remember there being any controversy. What we see here is that the black man, the black gay man, and the black dick is under fire. Such a shame.

    By Anonymous kennyking78, at 3:33 AM  

  • I'd love to suck some.

    By Anonymous Bill, at 8:20 PM  

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