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Friday, May 04, 2007

An Update on my life

One thing that I have been doing in my absence from the blogging world has been learning about real estate and how to get involved in making profits from it. So far I’ve read books, attended workshops, talked to various investors, loan officers, real estate agents, and of course watched TV shows geared to everything in the home buying lieu. I did the first important step which was to buy my own home and stop paying rent, I don’t really see honestly how this is going to help me considering I am paying more money in mortgage than I did if I continued to live where I was living, but then again my lease was coming up and my rent would have increased to a little bit more than what I am currently paying monthly.
So now it’s on to the next big thing, which is buying my next property for profit. This has proved to be very tricky, at least for me. I have pretty much exhausted all of my savings that were allotted to me in order to help buy my home. Then I signed up for a credit monitoring notice with Myfico.com, expecting that my credit was bound to go up due to the fact that I had just bought a home and had a mortgage that even in my absence from the working world I had managed (even I don’t know how) to pay my mortgage up until June 1st. Surely my credit score which was almost 600, it still amazes me that I was able to not only buy a home but with an interest rate of 6% with poor credit, was bound to be at least 620. Well you can imagine my shock when I saw that my credit score had plummeted at least with Experian to 533. I just stared at the computer scene in shock; it’s as if not matter what move I make my credit is forever going to be stuck in perpetual sub prime status. Needless to say I broken, I sent in the form letters challenging ever negative aspect of my credit report, but I have done that before and I know it won’t help.
Besides the credit set back I took a job that I think, think being the operative word that will provide a great base in the future. This is due to the fact I am learning about contracting, proposals, and how a business markets itself to the federal government. In doing so unfortunately I took a small 2500 pay cut from what I was making at my previous employer. Now couple this with the fact that I am now paying both Baltimore city and Baltimore county taxes, my paychecks look as if I am working a part-time job. Which I’m taking as a sign that I need to get a part time job, now due to the fact that at times with my full time job I have to work late nights and coupled with the idea that I really trying to stick to going to the gym at least 4x if not 5x a week. The part-time job will have to be either on the weekends or one that I can work sporadically. In staying with my current fervor for real estate I was thinking of becoming a real estate agent with Long and Foster, taking classes on Saturday and Sunday. The only issue with this is that the weekend classes are for six weeks and don’t start until July, at the earliest I could be a licensed agent in August. But then how do I start getting clients in a city where I don’t know anyone? Another way of making money that I had been researching was being a speed dating host. Originally, I went looking online to find speed dating events in DC for gay men, after searching online, talking to people at gay newspapers and organizations throughout the DC metro area, I found that no one could tell me when the last one had occurred, and that there is a definite market for it. Any gay male who has visited DC can attest to the large gay population, and the majority, surprise, surprise, are single. So I am thinking of putting on events for the gays in DC, this would be a good way of getting to meet people, help people, and network as well.
Sometime today I am going to sit with my financial advisor and come up with another budget in turn with my new job. To help me get to where I need to go, oh I forgot to mention that I found out I owe the IRS almost 2000 as well. Yea 2007 is shaping up to be a great year.


  • I know you were doing the run down of things going on and it seemed that you were a bit disappointed with some of those things...but here's what I saw...
    You are a prospecting, ambitious young man...you seem resourceful, determined and have an enterprising spirit. Now I know you think that the credit score thing or the IRS bill may be a disappointment, but they are small hurdles to those of us looking from the outside. You're going to do great... mainly because you want to and you're working toward it. An advance CONGRATS to you pa!

    By Blogger Cocoa Rican, at 10:24 AM  

  • Hang in there man! You have no idea how many people wish they were in the same position as you. I just found out that my partner has a co-worker who owes the IRS close to $200,000! Ain't that some s**t?

    I am very impressed by the man you seem to be (blog wise, that is). Keep pushing forward. It will all pay off.

    By Anonymous kennyking78, at 6:52 PM  

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