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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Trying very hard

Ever since I started this blog I have tired very hard not to talk about work, or the happenings on that front. But as of today I can’t hold back anymore. On Monday I was laid off, via the phone, and now I’m looking for another job. I found myself depressed, anxious, and fighting the urge to be very very bitter. For those who’ve I’ve told, I’ve tried very hard to have a happy face on and to be positive but its extremely difficult. I’m looking for work, but since I really don’t have a clear idea as to what the hell I want to do, its even more difficult. I really don’t know what the future has in store, and yes all the positive sayings in the world are only going to do be but so much good. I need a job man!!!

Just my thoughts


  • You're right... folks will try to hit you up with the positive lines, but in the end, they will all sound like lines to you. So here's the scoop... allow yourself a week of pity-party madness... be pissed, drink, cry, pout... then get those suits out, get that chin up and hit the streetz pa... you're young...this won't be the first OR last job you move on form - voluntarily or involuntarily. Just like everything else, the story and the pity will only be shocking for a short time before everyone moves on to the next hot subject of the day.

    By Blogger Cocoa Rican, at 10:01 AM  

  • While I was still in DC back in 2004, I was laid off twice in the same year... the first one caught me by surprise and the second one was more 'damn not again'!!

    For me after the first couple of weeks I kinda took it in stride and started preaching to my friends the importance of savings!!

    Lucky the job market in DC is strong and as hard as it may seem now enjoy the time off... i used the time to have long lunches with friends, more time to hit the gym everyday, movies by myself, and sleep

    By Blogger ReddMann, at 10:48 AM  

  • gettn laid off just shows u were working for a weak business with a delcining revenue base.. it is NOT a reflection on you personally

    my suggestion: get your ass online to usajobs.opm.gov and lock up one of those government jobs with great benefits that exist in DC.

    we can even talk aobut htis if u want. just drop me a response here if u want my email addy.

    By Blogger pono, at 8:29 AM  

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