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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Well the countdown continues I’m really excited about going to ATL, if nothing else this is my first trip to the south. Granted I grew up in Norfolk, but depending on who you talk to that’s the south other times its just the mid-Atlantic. Plus I keep hearing all this hype about ATL on various levels. Some people are saying that ATL is THE place to be if you’re young, black, and gifted. Others say there are mad gay men of African descent there, for better or for worse. Its interesting the same ones who lament that there are too many gay men, still flock to places where there are a lot of gay men…hmmm a quandary.

Also for the past few weeks I ate at this Chinese restaurant, and let me tell you their fortune cookies be on POINT…at least the fortune here is what they have said:
“You have a natural grace & great consideration for others.”

“You will travel far and wide for both pleasure and business.”

“Versatility is one of your outstanding traits.”

Boy them cookies be tellin’ all my bidness lol….

Speaking of business…I met with my cousin and we talked about something that could definitely be great experience, we’ll see soon enough. I’ll definetly keep y’all abreast of the situation……

Then I went to the good ole gym. Yesterday was chest day, so I was like I’m gonna go hard. But tell me why, yesterday it was CROWDED, it took me a good 20 mins to wait for a Smith machine to become available. So I ended up doing other excerises instead for my chest. Just a little background information, I tend to do bench press frist b/c I have this hing where I need to do those first b/c that way I know Ii did a really good chest day. Otherise, I feel as if I somehow cheated myself. But I digress, so I did the bench press when it became available. What really brightened up my day was that two guys who do not know each other, or at least they don’t speak, both said they could see the change in my body since they’ve seen me. The first was this guy who I always talk to in the gym, he’s pretty cool laidback, before I even started to lift he was like he can see the difference. I was like well aight thanks! I mean I’m not going to the gym for other people, but its nice for someone to say they can see the difference in your body. Then after him, I ran into this other guy who I’ll call him pro-activ guy. The reason why I refer to him as pro-activ guy, is because the first conversation I had with him I noticed that he was using that. Let me tell you, that brotha’s skin was PERFECT, I was like dang maybe I need to use pro-activ. Also why did I think he was at oldest 28 this brotha says he’s 35. I’m like see that’s whats up. Pro-activ is one of those people that in regular clothes he doesn’t look big, in fact looks kind of small because of his build, but he’s CUT and pretty diesel actually. I guess by now with all this ranting on about him, I had/have a crush on him.
But I digress, I saw him after not seeing him for about a month or two, and after we said our pleasantries, he said I can tell that you’ve been working out. I was like dang two in one day that’s whats up. So I thanked him and went back to what I was doing. I mean honestly it did give me more motivation to push myself harder. What’s interesting to me about the gym, is that there are MAD goodlooking dudes, in shape dudes there, Yet for the most part most of them are or I think are single. I wonder if the old adage is true, what looks good isn’t always good for you.


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