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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Oralsure Tests

Ok a few weeks ago one of my friends and I were talking about HIV prevention and thinking of ways we could help out, and what hasn’t been done. So we came up with a few ideas. One thing was to improve the type of condoms and lube that they pass out, they need to pass out the ultra-thin condoms that ribbed under the head in order to simulate sex without a condom. Also there are water based lubricants that are so much better than Wet, and ID. In fact there are some that actually moisturize the skin and dry off without leaving your skin feeling sticky or oily. So that may be one way to increase safe sex efforts, give the kids what they want. You show someone that yes safe sex can not only be safe, but also increase the pleasure derived through sex. More folks will be willing to strap it up and lube it down.

Another option was to increase efforts to teach people how to have safer forms of sex such as masturbation, jerking another person off, rimming, and etc. My rationale for this was b/c if you learn how to increase the intensity and the pleasure of an orgasm more guys would be willing to do other things other forms of sex that aren’t as safe. For instance if you’re with someone and they can provide you with pleasure and get you to…ahem…climax but there was no real risk of transference of Sexually Transmitted Infections then I think that guys would be more willing to do so.

Then my boy brought a very republican, Christian conservative idea, which was to really crack down on cruise spots such as parks, bathrooms, etc. He said that guys who go to places like that for the most part are not engaging in safer forms of sex, and that the police if they really wanted to could crack down on these spots, b/c most of these places have been in existence for over 30 years. He even pointed out to the Chicago Public Health officials raiding the studio of Cocodorms b/c there were guys who were knowingly HIV positive have unsafe sex putting others at risk.

But I think our best idea was the take home AIDS/HIV test. For those of you who have not been tested recently, they have this test called OraSure, which is when they take a wand and run it across your gums and then put it in a solution to see if you are hiv positive or not. It takes about 20 mins to get the results. I think if this was placed on the open market like Preganacy tests then more people would know that they are HIV positive, b/c they would have been tested either by themselves, by a lover, or even a hook up. Let me paint the scenario for you.

You see someone you like and its just a hook up, or someone you’re talking to and its at that time when you want to “make it do what it do”. So you ask them to take this test just to see, if it’s a hook up you tell them to bounce or you bounce b/c they are unwilling to take the test. If its someone you are seeing on something serious, then this is a pefrfect opportunity to talk to them about why not, trust issues, where you are coming from and where they are coming from. Let’s be honest here, we know that HIV infection rates are not going down, and are increasing so we know the current free lube and condom ethos is not working. We know folks are going raw, so we need to make sure that they know hey this guy you are about to have sex with is HIV pos, and let that person make the knowledgeable decision to go raw, use a condom, or decline having sex.

Just my thoughts

FYI, I was surfing the internet and found out that you can actually buy Orasure tests. The link is here http://www.orasuretests.com/

Hope this helps


  • The HIV home tests are an interesting idea..I read an article about them...I think more people would wonder about their status if they didn't have to go to the doctor...it's better to know :)

    By Blogger Honey-Libra, at 1:46 PM  

  • Great ideas... although I have read some stories about the Orasure's not being so sure... go figure....if the exam comes back pos you need to visit your neighborhood clinic and get retested... sort-of like the EPTs. Also, realistically, how many guys will be comfortable with being tested for HIV by a complete stranger... yeah, I know the argument about "Well, you're having sex with a complete stranger, so what's the difference..." but let's keep it real, catching a nut with someone isn't the same as having them give you life-altering test results.

    By Blogger Cocoa Rican, at 2:05 PM  

  • No matter how much we try to implement tests and fashionable tactics to get health information from our sexual counterparts, this will not prevent HIV/AIDS infection.

    If you want to beat the virus at it's own game, start at the source/roots that perpetuate it to grow.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:13 PM  

  • This summer I volunteered at a place that offereed HIV testing and prevention outreach and things of that nature. It is always good to ask what brands the people want, because otherwise it's like bringing and ice cream cake to a party where all the children are lactose intolerant. Also, the educational pieces are very influential also, because it opens a realm of possibilties of unknown.

    During the summer I went to the hot spots, and I threw condoms around the places. For instance, there is a train station where men go to hook-up and I just placed condoms around the bathroom. Things like that really can and do make a differnce.

    I was really interested in having the HIV tests that one could take at home. But after some consideration, I think it's a bad idea. For the only reason that, if one finds out they have HIV in a clinic they can automatically receive information about support groups, and reassured they they won't just drop dead in the next second. It would be EXTREMELY overwhelming if you're just sitting at home by yourself. I doubt anyone would just be like, "Oh look, I have HIV".

    Also, the same thing would be hard if you were to give it to someone before having sex to identify their status. They find out they're positive, and then you're on the couch consoling them unknowing what to say. I remember a few months ago when I urged a huge amount of my friends to get tested. As I sat in the waiting room, as moral support, I kept thinking what I would say to them if they were positive.(Thankfully they all were positive, because I couldn't think of anything more than, "It'll be okay")

    But those are just my views on the personal home tests.


    By Blogger Marz, at 3:09 PM  

  • Man, we must be on the same page... I have been away from the blogs for a few weeks, but when I came back I made sure to blog about my recent HIV test.

    I hear you... I think that the take home HIV tests sound great on the surface, but I am in even more agreement with Marz... COUNSELING is key. I love the fact that you are HIV conscious. Many of our comrades are not...

    We can break the stigma that HIV/AIDS carry just by being there for one another... I truly believe that that is the first step.

    By Anonymous kennyking78, at 11:38 AM  

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