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Thursday, November 02, 2006

30 year old Hoes

As you all know there are certain gay black hot spots in the US. DC, NYC, ATL, and I bet in the next 5 years Houston will be added to that list, but that’s another discussion. You all know how that being a gay black hot spot means having good clubs (I’ll discuss this later), having organizations that are geared towards helping each other, and of course a higher than average population of men and womyn who identify as same gender loving. With that high population comes a multitude of various type of people, good, bad, and the hoes. Now, hoe’s come in different shape, sizes, and etc. But one thing I have noticed is that there are more hoes who are over the age of 32 than under. Growing up, I was always told or it was implied that when you are in your 20’s that is when it is socially deemed appropriate if you are going to be a hoe or “sow your wild oats” and the older you get the more mature and the less hoe-ish you should be. But what I have realized that, this is not the case, its actually the reverse, I’m seeing guys who are over the age of 30 being bigger hoes than guys who are much younger.
Think I am being an age-ist, log on to Adam4adam, and don’t front like you don’t have an account there, and just take a look you will see more explicit shots from guys who classify their age as over 30. In DC it seems to be over the age of 32. Now part of this may be due to the fact that guys come out later in life and they feel the need to go through gay adolescence and freak anything and everyone. Maybe that’s true, I don’t know. Maybe this phenomenon is only in DC, because for guys in that age range DC was the hot spot to be, similar to what Atlanta is now, or what Houston will be. So they are just continuing their activities that they did when they were younger and now just more upfront with it.
To me, its just sad and pathetic, simple as that, you’re old enough to be a teenagers dad, I mean really do I want to see Mr. Jenkins trying to holla at me in some Evisu jeans, that 50 cent G unit tight shirt muscle T, with a du-rag on your head. That is not gangsta in the least. Or better yet you’re online with your ass all out spread on a leopard skin rug in your Ft. Washington home, I’ll pass.
Conversely, the guys who are between the ages of 21-29 seem to actually be less on some sex shit and more on some I want to meet people. Of course some of them are lying, but from my own experience is that guys in that age range tend to be very much true to their word.

Just my thoughts


  • Well, from a 37-year old NYC man’s perspective I’ll say this…
    First, you have to understand that the sow-your-wild-oats theory that applies to folks in their 20s is a concept for straight folks. Gay men and “womyn” come into their own sexuality later and therefore may exhibit the 20-ish characteristics later than they should. Second, yes A4A can be Hookerville, but my experience (and yes I have an active account) is that although my pic and profile are subdued I get guys who are vehemently upset because my primary pic features me holding a 4-month old baby and kissing his cheek. I have been told by many (in no uncertain terms) that A4A is a sex site and as such the pic appears inappropriate. I always shoot back, “Nowhere does the site mention that it is a sex site and the pic shows warmth and love, so get a grip,” right before blocking the fools. All to say, flagrant “hookahs” exist in all cities, in all age groups and unfortunately, they may be very BOLD in their approach. Your discovery of the over-30 crew being more “hoe-ish” can probably be attributed to that segment of the population being more comfortable in their sexuality and their immediate needs. Lastly, teens and brothas in their twenties are no less hoe-ish. Believe me…I can’t begin to tell you the relentless stream of e-mail messages, daily physical encounters (flirtations) and off-color remarks the youngsters make to me. I take it with a grain of salt and when applicable, attempt to turn lemon into lemonade by correcting their approach and steering them in the right direction. All said, there will always be hookahs pa and 10 years from now you may look back and read yet another 20-something year old complaining that he’s tired of older men – ie. you – being immature and getting his freak on.

    By Blogger Cocoa Rican, at 10:29 AM  

  • i wish I can agree with you on this...but my experience (in Los Angeles) it's the 20-somethings that are all hot in the ass and dick, and the older guys who seem more in tune with communication before relations.

    Shoot pass those down to earth 20-something down to earth bruhs over here! Because over here I'm starting to feel that maturity in a young man is a curse in the black gay community.


    By Blogger dancehard, at 10:47 PM  

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