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Friday, September 23, 2005

ATL part 2

Part 2

On Friday I held out hope that with the beginning of a new day I would have a better time, so I get up early and go to the AU, where basically all the HBCU’s are, just to walk around and see how it differs from the MECCA (aka Howard). Well let me tell you, the only real difference was that the buildings seem to be in better condition that at
Mecca. I did see like two fine ass folk at Morehouse, but then again it’s the ‘house what you expect, a college of black men c’mon now. After that, I went back to the hotel and more people were coming through and things were looking up. I saw so many attractive shades of black that it was amazing to me, which is saying a lot coming from DC. While in the elevator, I run into a group of Black Brits, I was like dayum y’all came through.
Then I went to the vendor area before the vendors set up I saw the chocolate shawty from the night before. So I went up next to him, acted like I was looking at a flyer on the same table. Chocolate shawty, looked me up and down, and then walked to the next table. Y’all I was like DAYUM, rejected before I speak, aw well.
Then the rest of the day was a blur, I just can’t remember doing anything except probably walking around aimlessly. Until I helped roomie sell his books, those who know me, I’m a hustla when it comes to sales, and selling to people. That’s when a modicum of my personality starts to come out and shine! If you don’t believe me ask somebody!
So I’m there selling, talking to people, making eye contact, with light flirting you know. I’m there, and I see this brutha from the same gym that I belong to walk into the vendor area. I was like YES, simply b/c I couldn’t tell if he got down or if he was looking at me nor was I in his line of vision. So seeing’ this brutha there was good for me. Then he came to the table I was working’ I was like let me find out! So he comes over, and then we play that, oh hey, you go to my gym game, greet each other, introduce ourselves and etc. Tell me why I he has the greatest Smile, and from now will be known only as Smile.
Needless to say that made my day, after the vendor area was finished I walked around found something to eat. Then came back to the lobby of the hotel, which now was THICK with folk, b/c it was Friday and pretty much everyone came by then. Roomie had set up camp, to sell more books undercover which were interesting to me, so I sat with him, and Autha who of course was on his shyt like white or rice. So I’m there talking, & trying to convince them to go out, to no avail, whack folk. But in the midst of this, I see Smile, and he gives me a big ass smile, and mouthed my name and winked. Now if you think I’m hypin’ it up why did roomie, say “dang he gave you tha big smile”. So yea SMILE made my night, hell my whole weekend!
Then while in the lobby, I ran into DLB, and some of the NYC crew, while they were gettin’ ready to go out. All I kept thinking were two things, dang can I go with ya’ll, and dayum DLB is so handsome. I saw his blog, and those pics up there don’t do him justice, but I digress. That was pretty much how the rest of my weekend went.

I went to Lenox mall, and bought a shirt and some hot sunglasses. That’s about it.


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