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Monday, October 03, 2005

Fashion Paradigm Switch

Its about that time, I’m getting tired of who I dress and look; I’ve made the decision to change up my personal style and dress in urban thug wear. What do I mean by that, throwbacks, authentics, and swings, air force ones, and baggy jeans, timbs, do-rage et al. Why, because its time, I’ve been dressing this way for awhile now, and I’m getting tired of it. Currently I’m dressing in business casual stuff, button down shirts, barrel & French cuffs, slim cut or wide leg slacks, khakis, and whatnot. Mostly b/c when I was working seven days a week there was no real need for me to invest in any other type of clothes. But now on my off days I’m like I wonder do clothes attract different people to you. I never really noticed it but I’ll be cognizant of it this time. Most of my friends laugh it off b/c they really cant’ see me dressing in urban thug wear, b/c most of them can only see me in my current fashion mode. What most of them fail to realize is that I’ve been really diverse in how I dress. Before this fashion incarnation, I dressed extremely Afrocentic, with big ole afro sans the black power pick. I dressed in jeans; beat up 991 and Eddie Bauer shirts. Then before that I was preppy, WAY before Kanye this was like senior year in high school to the end of my freshman year of college. Stripped pique polos, I could have been the black model in the J.Crew catalogue, if the used to have one.
The weekend after Columbus Day, some friends and I are going to NYC, which coincidentally I get paid that same weekend. So I’m going to look around and see how NYC, which historically has set the trends, how folks are dressing up there, and see how I can then take it and adjust to my own experience. I think I’ll dress in the thug wear and see how folks treat me differently. I’m actually looking at Uptowns now as I type this via EBay, if anyone has any suggestions, & whatnot let me know.


  • thug wear! oh lawwwwwwwwwwwwwwdddddddd in a jim-crow-christian heaven!

    By Blogger Clay, at 1:06 AM  

  • man, don't do it.. i recently decided to stop wearing thug wear, because it just wasn't me.. i think sometimes, clothes will dictate how you feel... as a young intellectual like yourself, dress in those khakis and wait for me to peep you out.. cause that's my type of brotha, LOL

    By Blogger Unconquerable Soul, at 8:41 AM  

  • aww thanks unconquerable soul...but you know its not just that, i'm just bored with how i look. Please believe, I'm still a card carrying intelligent brutha, now i'll have on some timbs or uptowns instead of kenneth coles lol.

    By Blogger WiseYoungMan, at 12:09 PM  

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