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Friday, September 23, 2005


A few days ago I went to this meeting thrown by the Young Lawyers division of the Washington Bar Association, and the Congressional Black Associates, the topic was “Maximizing your Careers in Law and Government”, with my friend Claudette. Let me tell you, this event was not only inspirational but necessary, there are not too many outlets, at least that I know of that successful African-Americans give back and talk about how to make the most of your career when your are just starting out. But before I get ahead of myself let me lay out what happened, leading up to the event.

I met my girl Claudette after work at the Farrguet West metro station, and she had the directions. People tell me why we walked 17 blocks following her directions from mapquest, not from the mass transit webpage. Lesson One of the Day: Get your own directions to and from any event and do not rely on others. So after that good old Jesus walk, Claudette and I came up to this impressive white marble structure called, Jones Day. We are escorted inside, and escorted all the way up to the rooftop event. When we get there we check our bag, make sure we look nice, and then enter the lions den…

When we get inside the event, we realize we are really underdressed men have on suits, and I come in there with some lacks, and a stripped red and maroon shirt from Kuhlman Company (hot shit check them out). Lesson Two for the Day: Always bring a sports jacket and a tie to events like this. The layout of the venue was really nice, but I think Claudette and I were thinking the same thing “We don’t fit in”. It definitely had the air of the Jack & Jill, Our Kind of People, mother is in the Links father is in the Boule type crowd, to which neither Claudette nor I hold membership in. So pretty much for the majority of the time we just walk around, and then we split up.

After splitting up, I try to make eye contact with both men and women, and smile just to open up the bridges of communication, to no avail. I got looks ranging from “Who are you” to “Why are you here”, after conferring with Claudette we decide to sit down. Sitting next to us is this lone homegirl from Alabama, who works on the hill. I start a little conversation, and she seems receptive so I’m like “YES!!!” So we began talking about what issues she handles on the hill, blah blah. Then I introduce myself, and Claudette, and how Claudette is a returning Peace Corps volunteer, etc, etc.

Then homegirl says she’ll be right back, after getting more food, which I couldn’t blame her, the food was on point, but she does return. Homegirl returns to grab her stuff, and sits DIRECTLY in front of us, with these presumably two other staffers. I was like yo, that’s shady, who does that…evidently ‘bama Homegirl.

So anyway the networking event begins, and let me tell you all, I was impressed. Impressed not by the speaker’s resumes which were on point, but also the fact they were honest about how it is to be an African-American in the political game from the side of a lobbyist, and how important mutualism is on the Hill in respect for CBCF members, and CBA staffers. They answered the questions poised to them about how to network, the litmus test that African-American lobbyist are put too and whatnot. This one speaker laid out a five point plan, if you’re interested in it let me know and I’ll put it up. Its was probably the best event I went to thus far this year, granted it was not geared towards Claudette or I it was geared towards law students, but it was inspirational nonetheless. More things like this need to happen or I need to attend more events like this. Also next time I come to an event like this, I’m definitely going to get at least one business card from someone.


  • get ya network on man....

    progress is certainly a PROCESS..:-D

    kudos to you...

    By Blogger Quaheem, at 12:03 AM  

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