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Friday, September 23, 2005

ATL part 3

Part 3

I finally got in contact with my boy Swole, who was chillin’ in ATL the whole weekend, and that night we went out with his boys. There was Ho’boi, Diesel dude, Dirty Rican, Lil lil Jon, Military guy, Quiet dude, Normal man, and Ugly. So basically my boy and his friends first went to this house party that got cut the minute we arrived, then we went to this club, and basically parking lot pimped. The thing about the crew was that most of them had either messed with at least one of their boys, or they were tryin’ to. Dirty Rican first tried to go after Swole, when that didn’t work they got some dude out side and left with them. Well, Ho’boi didn’t like that, and had all the keys to the hotel room changed…wow…Ho’boi is GANGSTA! Okay so we’re out there and then these cars drives by and guess what happened.
Somebody grabbed my butt; I was like what the hell! Then Ugly, came up behind me and started tryin’ to grind, those who know me, know Ii don’t play that. So I give him the look of death, that “Nigga, I will shank you”. Then he backed up and started prowling around for his next target. Now before you all say I’m being vain or mean or I did that b/c he was ugly physically, let me explain, this dude had an ugly ghetto country bama ass attitude, which made him alot uglier than his visage could acheive on its own. I have to give it to my boy Swole, b/c he was playin’ and flirtin’ with all of them, that’s something I admire the ability to just go with the flow. Well to summarize the night, Diesel dude went home with Ugly, Ho’boi went home with some random ass dude with a nice convertible Lexus, and the rest of us went back to our respective hotels. That was it.

Roomie and I left to go back to DC, and when I got in I recanted my whole experience with a friend of mine who was stayin’ with me, for awhile. But before I could say anything friend asked “Are you still celibate?” To which I truthfully replied “Yes!”
Just to let you know I’m on this whole celibacy, no masturbation thing for 60 days. It’s been interesting hard at time (no pun intended) but overall I’m pretty proud of myself. So yea that was my ATL pride weekend….Great.


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