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Friday, October 14, 2005

Just something....

Okay I’ve been posting some real shit lately about the job search, what I like to do, who I am, and etc. Yea it’s getting a little too deep. I’m tired of so I’m going to start doing more light hearted stuff for a post or two, and let you all in my life.

This whole blogging thing has been interesting, but for some reason they got some PHINE ass bloggers out there, and ironically they all seem to know each other (I guess birds of a feather …you know the rest) & all concentrated in the NYC area. Can we say roadtrip?!?!?! Let me stop I’ve actually met two of the bloggers of whom I speak of, but they don’t know that, which is kind of interesting wonder what their perceptions of me now are as opposed to then. Most likely they don’t remember meeting me in ATL (hint, hint, wink, and wink). But I digress.

Something else that has been really getting on my nerves is this too damn smart brotha, I’m running into. They are the very well put together, very intelligent brother (notice not brotha). I’m not one to challenge someone’s upbringing or knowledge of their own culture, who am I joking hell yea I do. I find that there is something wrong with being so intelligent about various subjects & you not even take the time to really get to know your own. Granted you don’t have to be some dashiki black power fist pic havin’ pseudo-revolutionary that can find the conspiracy in everything. But you have to be aware from once you came, and the plight of most Black people in the Diaspora (if you don’t know what that means holla at dictionary.com). But something else is that a lot of time really intelligent people have no sense of humor, like they can conceptually understand why something is funny but they don’t laugh. I mean how can I chill with you and watch throwback in living color or the new season of Comic view and I’m dying laughing and you’re just watching it taking it in like it was special on the Discovery Channel. Its okay to be smart, hell I’m mad smart don’t make me have to break out my MENSA membership to prove it lol, but you have to have the ability to laugh, poke fun at yourself, and sometimes others.

Tell me why I finally got an A- on a paper I did for my public policy class, I was like finally! This man stayed giving me B+ with no examples as to why, just B+ on the paper, which is fine, but dayum. No to brag, but actually I will fuck it, this is the same brotha who never got lower than A when he actually tried on a paper in undergrad, and B when I did it rushed. Granted I keep hearing that grad school is a different animal but still. Started working on my case study which is Ryan White CARE act, if anyone other there has any info that they think will be useful let a brotha know!

I was walking home last night, and I put my boy’s mixtape on my Ipod. Tell me why he’s really good, like no bullshit; I was like oh this is TIGHT. I mean I’ve been knew he had skills, and so has the world known since he won Spring Bling freestyle competition earlier this year. My only requests to the following: To get a shout out on a song or linear notes, and to be in a music video, you know one of the dudes posted up nodding their head for no damn reason.

Also is it me or does the million more movement seems to be very blah. I remember ten years ago, with the million man march it was crazy it was like every were you turned you saw information about it. It was just ever present; this time around I feel that there is half-hearted attempt as compared to the past. I’m thinking about going, is anyone else going on Saturday?


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