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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

These are few of my favorite things

As a follow up to an earlier post I’ve decided to make a list of some of favorite things I like to do & see if there are ways I can incorporate that into avenues of doing something.

Music, I’m into all types of music except classical which I find pretentious, and country.
I used to play the guitar for like 2 years, and I taught myself how to play, I was thinking of doing that again, picking up the guitar and playing. But don’t’ know how that is really going to get me out the house. I do like going to concerts but a brotha is not trying to spend a paycheck on concert tickets. Granted I’m was thinking of seeing Kanye West until one of my friends pointed out that he is just like one of my LB’s, after that my whole view of Kanye has changed to some cornball ass dude.

Cooking, my friends call my apartment “Grandma’s house”, because I’m always cooking. Not just cooking but throwin’ down! Sometimes it even surprises me, like how many people you know cook gumbo, Jambalaya, ox tails, lasagna, rotisserie chicken, pot roast, bbq chicken and pork, just b/c they were bored? Well that’s me; some of my other friends call me skinny fat man, for that reason alone. So I was thinking of either starting or joining a cooking club, in the DC area. There is just something communal about food that brings people together.

Dancing, more specifically hip hop and dancehall. I swear there are three stereotypical Black traits, sing, dance, and cook, that most black people can do at least one of them. I can do two, dance and cook. I like to dance especially when my songs come one (franchise boys “oh I think they like me”, Lil Kim “Shut up Bitch” or “Lighters Up” etc) so I was thinking of maybe taking a dance course just to go some fun cardio.

Reading, my mom got me reading before I even knew what it was called, and it sort of stuck. I was thinking of starting or joining a book club w/ an African-American stance. But to no avail, I haven’t really been fruitful in that. But that’s something else I’m interested in.

Working out, I’ve started like a year ago and I’ve really gained some and make really visible improvements (ain’t it a bitch that you can’t see my before or after photos just take my word for it). The first year was a building year, I’ve gained muscle mass, the second year I’m creeping towards I want to get more cut. I remember when I was in ATL I was like dayum brotha is cut up diesel, and I really want to look like that. Where I’m more defined. So I guess I would like to find some people who aren’t gym snobs who are about working out and helping other people and etc. I guess that’s another idea.

Now there are probably more things that are out there to do that I’ve never tried. I did the whole head wrap, incense burning, dreadlock poetry reading scene, wasn’t really feelin’ it. I just am sort of at a loss of ideas.


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