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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Pros and Cons

Okay so one of my boys is tryin’ to get me a job where they work. Now they told me that that they don’t’ know how much are thinking of paying, but he said that they pay at least 10k more than I make now. Now I looked at the benefits and they are pretty good, not as good as a state job that I currently have but, the most important benefit is the “Degree Enrollment Program, which offers tuition reimbursement for approved graduate and in-state undergraduate degree programs, provided certain criteria are met.” As those who know the only reason why I took the job, is so that I can go to school for free. So right now I have to weigh my options and ask certain questions in the interviews. I also need to see how this fits into my ultimate career goals. Also, on Friday I have a meeting with this Executive Director (who happens to be a cousin of mine somehow) who is doing what I really would like to do, which is working in the field of international development.

Pros about the possible new job:

More pay, which would enable me to spend money, on a car and save up more money.

Learning new skills

Better sounding job

Possibility of getting my graduate studies paid for


Cons about the possible new job:

Not really in the field that I want to work in (then again neither is my current job)

I may not be able to have as much free time to do the development internship my cousin is trying to hook up.

Do not know for sure if getting an MPA will be one of those programs where they will pay for, and if that means I will have to stay a year afterwards.

I’d have to stay in the same county where I live now, which means my moving to DC would not be happening.

The possibility of not liking what I am going to do.

Now, I’ve scheduled an interview for Monday, and tell me why they said it’s going to be approximately 4 hours long. I was like dayum! Four hours that’s called hazing!!!!!! But this weekend is going to be spent reviewing my interview skills, and learning better how to sell myself. Any other suggestions?


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