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Sunday, October 16, 2005

My first beanpie!

On Saturday I went to the Million More Movement with my girl Claudette. I watched part of it on TV, and it looked pretty mundane. So around about 1 pm I dressed in some jeans, uppity negro t-shirt, black long sleeve t shirt underneath that, and my avator sunglasses. After the 30 minute metro ride (dayum a brotha really needs to get a car like asap can anyone help me?) I met up with Claudette and we walking around the Mall and took in the movement. I can honestly say it was really good to see various shades of brown people united by a singular cause.

As we were walking through the crowd we saw about ten vendors selling everything from bean pies to wrist bands. I mean no one can say that we lack motivation in the quest for the greenbacks. I commented to my friend that "dayum, this reminds me of 125th st" and one of the sellers yelled out "THATS RIGHT! WE GOIN' HARD UP HERE!!!!!" Can't knock the hustle. I smelled and saw these beanpies so I was like I've always been interesting in tasting one. Y'all the beanpies are on POINT, I was like dang can a brutha get a recipe?!!?!!?!!?!!?!!?!!?!!?

Astoundingly it was mad nice the day of the march, for the rest of the week it had been raining & drizzling. Which of course yo' people said it was a sign that the march was meant to happen. Whether or not that was the case I can't debate, but hey it was a nice day. While we were talking Claudette and I caught up on how her internship on the Senate side of Capitol Hill is going. It's great to see that she is enjoying it, and really milking it for as much as she can. I couldn't help but feel somewhat depressed b/c here she is doing what she wants whereas I seem to keep moving farther and farther away from my goals and plans that I once had for myself, but thats another topic.

Of course since this was DC, the folks were out in full force. Trying to shut the march down, just too too tuff lol! I couldn't hate I could only enjoy the view...lol.. What was funny is that at one point Claudette and I got a snow globes. She then moved like 15 feet away from me, for some reason. Then in no lie y'all, I was getting head nods and what's up from the folks...one brotha was even bold enough to come over and shake my hand...the only problem was that he had a weak handshake. But it was cool to get alittle bit of attention, especially since I was really not thinking about it.

After hearing my girl Ms. Badu sing for a second Claudette and I left and I went back home...

I read NO4REAL4REAL's blog about how Keith Boykin was prevented from speaking at the march. I can not say I am entirely too surprised, shit like that always seems to happens. Just goes to show you that "All ya skin folk ain't ya kinfolk."

Other things that happened this weekend.

Went on a date on friday night, with another law student, this one seems cool it was more of a friendly meeting to me and we are suppossed to meet up on monday for a movie so we''ll see. I'm definetly taking things slow and seeing how things pan out.

I traded slang with a certain COOL-ASS blogger, they were part of the NYC crew as discussed in the ATL post. Them seem made cool, and funny as shit. So there we were telling me about how certain men fall in various categories daddies, fathers, and THE FATHER. Which parrellels my own categories of : the truth; the truth & the answer; the truth, the answer & the question!

For instance some guys can get it, they are the attractive have a certain sex appeal (which is either daddy or the truth)

Others are guys that are on point, that make you straighten up when you see them, and check yourself to make sure you're the best repsentation (father or the truth & the answer)

But a certain type an elite group of men who possess a certain swagger, demeanor, aura, sex appeal or whatever you want to call it. Those are the types who you feel determined to get, at least once. Or how the old folks used to say make you toes curl! They are the "THE FATHER" or "THE TRUTH, THE ANSWER, AND THE QUESTION"

Can I get a witness....let the church say Amen!


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  • This was great why come you din't invite and yeah I know didn't is speel thataway. It sound like it was cool.

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  • AMEN!

    By Blogger No4real4real, at 4:21 PM  

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